10 Easy Steps to Set Up Simplified Computers' Hosted Mail in Outlook Express


Note:  Open Outlook Express.  If you have never opened Outlook Express before you will be taken to the Internet Connection Wizard (go to step 3).


Step 1:  Go to "Tools" and click on"Accounts..."


Step 2:  Click on "Add" and then select "Mail."


Step 3:  The Internet Connection Wizard starts here. Type your name as you would like it to appear on outgoing emails (this not your email address).


Step 4:  Enter your email address.


Step 5:  Enter mail.simpcomp.com as your incoming and outgoing mail servers.
Note: With some Internet Service Providers (ISPs) you may have to enter a different Outgoing mail server. For example, Comcast requires the Outgoing mail server to be smtp.comcast.net. Please call your ISP for support if you have this issue.


Step 6: Enter your email address (e.g. yourname@yourdomain.com) and password.

Make sure the Remember Password box is checked if you do not want to enter your password every time you check your email. 


Step 7:  Click finish to complete the Internet Connection Wizard.  At this point you should be able to receive, but not send mail.


Step 8:  After you click finish, you will taken back to the list accounts.  Make sure mail.simpcomp.com is selected and click on properties.


Step 9:  Click on the servers tab in the box you just brought up and under "Outgoing Mail Server" click the check box that says "My server requires authentication."


Step 10:  Click OK on every box until you are brought back to the main Outlook Express screen.  You have now set up your new email account.